Dr. Rose interviews Clinical Herbalist Laura Ash, owner of Scarlet Sage


Laura Ash a clinical western herbalist and owner of Scarlet Sage Herb Company in San Francisco shares her extensive herbal knowledge with Dr. Rose in this interview. They discuss the importance of finding alternative modalities for many of today’s ubiquitous diseases and conditions and how herbs can help arthritis, diabetes, hyper tension, depression, and cancer. Ms Ash sees a range of clients that also include pregnant women, doula’s, midwives, OB patients and loves working with children, especially since she’s the mother of two.


Find out how herbs act as an alternative solution or adjunct to traditional pharmaceutical medication and how to integrate them into your everyday life style to support existing conditions or supplementing traditional western modalities for well-being and optimal wellness

Find out how specific herbs target specific health issues. Depending on many factors; personality type, lifestyle, nutrition, medications being used, Ms Ash’s consults start with these basic questions:

·       What did you eat for breakfast/diet & nutrition?

·       What are you doing currently for your health?

·       What are you willing to do to fix your health for optimal wellness?


Laura discuss with Dr. Rose how to find better ways to bridge the gap–interface with western medicine to get people well. Laura is very involved with oncology integrative cancer therapies and works with all types of western physicians including alternative healers, integrative physicians, and Functional Medical Practitioners supporting them in the use of herbs for their patients.


Ms. Ash thinks developing personal relationships is important to building bridges and why her store, Scarlet Sage is so important. It’s a door for people to create bridges between traditional and alternative modalities with Scarlet Sage’s educational classes and books on health and healing, products; essential oils, flower essences, jewelry, massage & carrier oils, skin care, teas and spiritual materials. The Store creates a neutral zone–an atmosphere for people to meet and learn about herbalism.

For more information visit: https://scarletsage.com/