This nonprofit is doing a herculean task rescuing homeless dogs and training them to help people with physical or psychiatric disabilities.

Main Line Deputy Dog trainers take homeless, rescued dogs and specifically train the dog for mobility service-work, paring them with people who have physical challenges or psychiatric concerns. Sometimes humans need a little help, like someone with cerebral palsy or car accident victims or a returning service person suffering PTSD.

Deputy Dog works with local dog rescue organizations to identify dogs who will be most successful for the program. The expert dog behaviorists/ trainers create a relationship of mutual support through communication between the dog and the challenged individual with a step by step program.

The team is led by nationally renowned 'Certified Professional Dog Trainer,' breeder and licensed American Kennel Club (AKC) judge Mary Remer and Executive Director of Deputy Dog Mark Stieber. Deputy Dog partners with “What A Good Dog,” the premiere dog training organization in the Philadelphia area!