In an effort to promote and build bridges between youth and community, I Am We, a non-profit based in Chicago, teamed up with the Chicago Police Department, and other community groups, so their teens could experience Meditation and Yoga. What better way to bring  #Compassion4Health to teens?


Chicago Police Officer, Margarita Garcia, with true #Compassion4Health, transformed the police department meeting room into a relaxing yoga studio and the bridge was started. 

Overall it was such a positive experience.  One of the best days on the job that I’ve had.
— Officer Garcia

We spoke with Officer Garcia about her experience. She was grateful to I Am We for making the connection. Officer Garcia told us, "This is a great organization that I have partnered up with. Most of the students had never talked to a police officer, let alone interact with one. I wanted to show them that I'm human like they are. I wanted to show them a positive interaction with the police."

I Am We wrote on their Facebook page, "This experience brought community together where adults could model and share their experiences in creating peace from within. Our students loved this experience and left with a greater connection to their community."

Officer Garcia has hopes that the bridge they've started will continue to build. "I'm glad they (the students) saw a different side of the police. I too, learned a lot about them (the students) and the world they live in. They (the students) appreciated having someone to listen to them and hear their voices. Overall it was such a positive experience. One of the best days on the job that I've had."

Thank you I Am We and the Chicago Police Department for being an example of how #Compassion4Health can build bridges and begin to bring communities together.

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